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Just a little note!

This little note, even this small little note is expected to have a logical conclusion, a meaning to it, a moral. This sense of purpose, the idea that everything needs a logical reason, makes life so complicated. We want to believe that everything we do is going to bring in a planned outcome or will lead to another route that we have planned to take. Really, is that how it is? No, I am not saying that we quit planning and preparing. What I do want to convey here is that, reality exists only in the present, in the here and now! And most of the time, we miss out on our present moment because we are trapped in the regrets of the past or the uncertainties of the future.

We have to make sure that in the midst of all the planning and preparing, we do not forget to live, to feel the cool breeze on our face or the glorious sunlight. Life is beautiful and what makes it beautiful are those little moments that we ignore or do not have the time to notice. Ok, so sun rises are too early for you, how many sun sets have you enjoyed? How many times have we watched the twinkling stars in the night sky? Have we paid attention to the magical clouds that change from balls of cotton to beautiful creatures? Or have we noticed the ever-changing colours of the sky? And no, it’s not just for the poets to see. These are real things around us and definitely more real than the imagined future. And when we find joy in this moment, we are creating happy memories for the past of tomorrow. That sorts out half of our problems. And as for the future, if we are at peace with today, we do the right things today making us more prepared for all the tomorrows to come.

Oh and the other thing, the thing about going in to the details. Focusing on the minutest details. That’s the mantra these days. But in the details, have we lost sight of the big picture? Mostly, our big picture starts and ends with our problems. We tend to it with great care, watering it with worry and anxiety making it branch out in all directions. It’s quite funny when I see others do it and not at all funny when I do it! We all do it. The only thing I want us to remember here is that just some distance makes everything seem smaller. Just try to step out of your problem. And I am not implying that the problems are not real. We go through such rough stuff sometimes. We do. But the closer we get to it, the bigger it seems. And here, just taking a step back will put things in perspective and we may even be able to see the path ahead. Isn’t that what we want? And while we are at it, just throw in some people too in to the big picture. People that care about you, people that you care about and always leave some room for people that may need some caring.

That’s about it. This is what this note is about! Have a great day!

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